Practice set of Maths 1and Maths 2 (12 commerce)

Hello, everyone boards are very much closer now. Hope so you all have completed your studies and ready for the exam. The exams will be conducted offline so no chance to cheat. Maths is a subject which disliked by many students. But yes let me tell you that maths is not boring it’s really fun once you understand the concept behind it. It is a subject through which a person becomes smart and it’s ability to focus and think increases. But yes many of the students really enjoy maths. As they are very curious to know the answers. So have a look at it and start studying if not started yet.

Hope so you all like and and the sheet shared will be helpful to you all. So understand the concept behind each and every sum as it will be easier to solve any of the questions given. As maths is the only subject will contain any of the question. Be prepared and please let us know what do you want next. All the best 👍. Thank you.

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