Practice set of OCM 12 (commerce)

SYJC Preliminary Examination Sub OCM MARKS 80.

Q. 1 A) Answer in one sentence. (05)

1) What do you mean by Standardization?
2) Who shall be appointed as president of National Commission?
3) What type of advertising should be avoided?
4) What Is Staffing?
5) Who is Entrepreneur?

Q.1.B) Match the pairs. (05)

Group A Group B
A) Henry Fayol 1) Father of Scientific Management
B) Central Bank 2) Mumbal Grahak Panchayat
C)NGO 3) Apex financial institutlon in banking Industry of the country.
D) Digital cash 4) Exist everywhere.
E) Branding 5) Good quality product
6) Exist only in cyberspace.
7) Father of Modern Management
8) Distinct name.
9) Last Function
10) Accepting deposits from public,

Q.1.C) Select the correct option and rewrite the sentence. (05)

1) For online transaction — is required. ( registration, trading, business)
2) Businessmen are of the society. (Representatives, leaders. Trustees)
3) In modern competitive market, consumer is regarded as —-(king Owner, Agency)
4) ——-Warehouses provide facilities for perishable goods. ( Bonded, Cold storage, Government)
5) —–sets out standards for controlling (Staffing. Planning Co-ordinating)

Q.1.D) State whether the following statements are True or False (05)

1) Qualified, efficient and skilled workforce is always an asset of the organization.
2) Management principles are applied differently under different situations
3) Current Account is opened by salaried persons.
4) The seller has to recognize the rights of consumer.
5) The term market is derived from the Latin word ‘mercatus

Q.2]Explain the following terms/concepts. Any 4 out of 6 (8 marks)

1) Outsourcink 2) Mental Revolution 3) Lok Adalat 4) Product 5) B2C 6) Commodity 7)Concept of Market.

Q.3] Study the following case/situation and express your opinion. Any 2 out of 3 (6 marks)

1) Mr. Harshad is an entrepreneur and engaged in production of eco-friendly utensils. Both male and female
workers are working in his factory. All male employees are directly working on machines whereas female
employees are working in Packaging Department. Mr. Sharath is working as Finance Manager while Mrs. Naina
is working as HR Manager who is responsible for recruiting employees in the factory. On this basis-

1) Identify any one principle of management in above case.

2) What is the designation of Mrs. Naina in this organization?
3) Who is responsible for overall planning of the organization?

2) Ms. Harshali has started new business two years ago. Her customers are located in different parts of the
country and hence they are directly depositing bill amount in her business account. At the same time she used
to pay various payments from this account only.

1) Identify Type of account maintained by Ms. Harshali.
2) Suggest any one modern way of money transfer to Ms. Harshali
3) What kind of facility does she get on her bank account?

3) An organization manufacturing paints has been enjoying prominent market position since many
years.It has been dumping its untreated poisonous waste on the river bank, which has created many
health problems for the nearby villages.

1) Which responsibility is neglected by manufacturingorganization.
2)What kind of pollution they are doing?
3)What precautionary measures they need to take?

Q.4 Distinguish between-Any 3 out of 4 ( 12 Marts)

1) Planning and Controlling 2) Saving a/c and Fixed Deposit a/c
3) District Commission and State Commission 4) Life Insurance and Fire Insurance.

Q.5 Answer in brief- Any 2 out of 3 ( 8 marks)

1) Explain any 4 importance of Coordinating 2) Explain any 4 Social Responsibilities of business towards
employees. 3) Explain any four rights of consumers.

Q. 6 Justify the following statements. Any 3 out of 4 (12)

1) Controlling is the last function of Management
2) Entrepreneurship is the best source for self-employment.
3) it is easy to set up e-business as compared to traditional business.
4) The Consumer Protection Act was passed in the Interest of consumers.

Q. 7 Attempt the following. Any 2 out of 3 (10)

1) Explain any s Principles of Management given by Henry Fayol. 2) Explain importance of Marketing to
the Society. 3) Explain types of Warehouses.
Q. 8 Define Bank. Explain different types of Banks.(8)
Q.8 Explain Functions of Marketing (8)

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