Hello everyone, Today I am back again with another short trick. In this trick I will show you how to divide within seconds and that too by using simple multiplication. We can divide only 5,25,125 only these three numbers we can divide with any digit number. Let’s start, the first step is write down the number which ever you are taking suppose I am taken 256 and I have to divide it by 5, how will you do? You will apply division method as used in your school’s but in this trick we don’t have to use School method. At the starting I have said you can divide by multiplication. 256÷5 After you selecting number the then you have to do multiply 256 by 2 you will get 512. when you will get 512 you have to do is put a decimal before unit place you will get 51.2 after putting a decimal. This is your answer. But be remember whenever you have to divide with 5 then only multiply 2 no any number you have to multiply only and only 2.

Let we do tense division suppose I am taking 256÷25. The first step is you have to multiply 256 with 4 you will get 1024. When you will get 1024 the second step is you have to put a dot at a tens place at a previous method we have put unit place but in this second method you have to put at the tens place as I say after putting a dot you will get 10.24 hence this is your answer as you found but be remember whenever you you have to divide with 25 then only multiply 4 no any number you have to multiply only and only 4.

Let I share with you last method. The last method is you can divide hundred place division suppose I am taking 2345 then you have to divide with 125. 2345÷125 the first step is same has we multiply previous method but in this method you have to multiply 2345 with 8. 2345×8 up will get 18760. Has we closer to hour answer but we know 0 before we getting a point then it means nothing like example. 20.0 what we say it’s only 20 we don’t Kaun zero that’s how we have learn in our schools we remember in this method we are applying same method of point. When we have multiplied we have get 18760 now we have to put a dot at a tens has put at a previous matter we will get 18.76 now you will think how will get 18.76 we have to put a dot at a tens place. Exactly what I have do is I have said we don’t have to count as 0 when you put a dot what exactly I have done only last zero we don’t have to count when we are putting a dot at the tens place. Be remember whenever you were have to divide with 125 then only multiply 8 no any number you have to multiply only and only 8.

Hope you have enjoy this division trick amazing and mind blowing trick if you really like then share with your friends and enjoy Maths if you have to see any other short trick of method example.. multiplication,division,plus,minus or anything you have to want short trick and learn. Then comment me I will post whatever all of you like.

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